15th of October 2023


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Ajakava täiendatud vastavalt stardiprotokollile. Stardikas leitav siit!

12:00 – 13:00 LIMPA SUUSAKOOLI osavusrajad ja mängud lastele kuni 8a (NM8)

11:00 N10 1000m (1 jooks)
11:10 M10 1000m (1 jooks)
11:20 N12 2000m (2 jooksu)
11:45 M12 2000m (2 runs)
12:10 N14 2000m (2 jooksu)
12:35 M14 2000m (2 jooksu)

13:00 Limpa children run NM8 400m (1 run)
Estonian National XC Ski Team press-conference (30 minutes)
13:30 NM10 – NM14 categories AWARD CEREMONY

14:00 N16 3000m (2 runs)
14:35 M16 3000m (2 runs)
15:10 N18 3000M (1 run)
15:30 M18 3000m (1 jooks)
15:50 N20; N23 3000m (1 jooks)
16:10 M20; M23 3000m (1 jooks)

16:30 NM16 – NM23 vanuseklasside AUTASUSTAMINE


NM10 – 1000m

NM12; NM14 – 2000m

NM16; NM18; NM20 – 3000m

NM23 – 3000m

Limpa Children run (NM8) - 400m


There are 2 options for registration.

  • Smaller clubs and individual participants can use the form located on this same page for registration.
  • Larger clubs may find it more convenient to use the registration form on the ESL website. LINK

NOTE! Please register children participating in the Limpa children's lesson and children's race (NM8 class) through the Youth World Cup website's form as well.

Named registration must be completed no later than October 13, 2023, at 23:59..
Registration is considered confirmed when the participation fee has also been paid. Please refer to the next point for details.


Stardiprotokoll ja tulemused leitavad https://noortemk.eu/results/ lehelt

Participation fee:


The Limpa children's lesson and children's race participants have FREE admission! However, we kindly ask parents to register their children through the form as well.

Participation fee is 5€ per participant (there are 2 options for payment):

  1. Through online banking in the ESL e-shop (epood.suusaliit.ee). An invoice will be automatically sent along with the payment. (Currently under development)

    You can pay for individual athletes via bank transfer to the Ski Federation's account:

    Eesti Suusaliit

  2. For larger clubs, payment will be based on an ESL invoice (larger clubs can also conveniently pay via online banking by selecting the quantity of registered athletes in the e-shop). If for some reason an athlete cannot participate in a stage, we will offset their participation fee in the next stage. LINK

The participation fee must be paid no later than October 14, 2023, at 23:59.



The top five in the NM10 – NM20 age group and the top three in the NM23 age group will be awarded according to the Youth XC Ski Cup general guidelines. 

In the NM8 age group (children's race), all participants will receive souvenirs from the sponsors!

The top performers in the stage (top 5) will receive a specially designed trophy and souvenirs from the series sponsors.
The winners of the first stage will receive Hoka running shoes!

The series overall winners will be awarded Fischer racing skis!



For all participants, coaches, and spectators at the youth cross-country skiing cup stages, FREE catering will be provided by our partners. At the Kääriku stage, we'll be grilling Nõo sausages, enjoying Salvest preserves on the side, and savoring Eesti Pagar bread products. The menu also includes sweet surprises and, of course, hot beverages.

NOTE! If possible, bring your own food utensils (plate, fork, cup) as starting this season, we no longer use disposable dishes or packaging. Yes, of course, organizers have also prepared reusable tableware, but set a good example for others by bringing your own personal outdoor dining set.



  1. Participants are not allowed to use spiked shoes (cleats)!!!
  2. Cases not regulated by the Youth World Cup competition guidelines will be resolved according to the competence of the organizing committee or the jury.
  3. In each race, a maximum of 24 competitors participate. If there are more runners in an age group than 24, participants will be divided into multiple races based on the results of the previous season's youth series.

Division of races based on age groups:
Up to 24 participants (1 run)
25 to 48 participants (2 runs)
49+ participants (3 runs)

*Organizers reserve the right to make format adjustments as needed for a smoother schedule.



During each stage, you can stay updated with LIVE results. You can do this here:


Tulemuste lehekülg:

Kääriku staadioniplaan


Fotode autor: Erik Kukk
15.10.2023 Noorte MK Käärikul
Fotode autor: Gert Jesmin
Hawaii Express Noorte Murdmaakarikas 2024 Kääriku


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